Always perfect UI.

Machine learning powered regression.

Qacheck platform helps to prevent
unexpected styling changes

Key benefits

No more manual testing

We provide a highest QA efficiency and security for
the UI tailored to your needs and business goals

Save the effort

Qacheck platforms reduces the time and effort needed to handle testing operations to the minimum

Boost the QA process

Get more insight and the best results with machine learning and natural language description support

Get full access to highly-available SaaS platform
and revolutionise your QA process with Qacheck
About QAcheck

Track, compare, test and release.

Perform full regression tests even
for the very data-sensitive application

Qacheck tracks all visual changes and compares it to the previous state of the application. This solution helps to prevent unexpected styling changes ensuring that both, data and UI layer is correctly turned out in order to prevent unexpected bugs or regressions.
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Qacheck in action

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