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JPA: N+1 SELECT problem [Spring & JPA pitfalls series]

The article is a part of JPA & Spring pitfalls series. Below you can find the actual list of all articles of the series: Spring 5 Common Spring @Transactional pitfalls Mixing Spring transaction propagation modes JPA JPA: N+1 SELECT problem JPA: 8 common pitfalls   N+1 SELECT problem is probably… The post JPA: N+1 SELECT…

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Launching digital transformation: The best software solutions for the automotive industry

The technology it today an integral part of the automotive industry. Automotive software solutions help companies improve the performance, safety, and overall driving experience of their vehicles, but also streamline and optimize their internal operations. That’s why automotive makers partner with software development companies like Codete to develop functional software… The post Launching digital transformation: The…

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FrontClouders meetup in Kraków

Where the Front-end and Cloud meet From one meet-up to another. This time with a different approach, technologies, and guests. Yes, this is true. We simply cannot slow down because in Codete we are addicted to sharing the knowledge and to be honest… we’re not feeling bad about it. FrontClouders… The post FrontClouders meetup in…

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