Month: July 2019

Why you should choose Poland for IT Outsourcing?

Choosing an IT outsourcing services provider is a serious decision because it can significantly impact your business – for better or for worse if you end up making a bad move. So how to avoid this kind of mistakes? You may want to focus on companies from a country that… The post Why you should…

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How to make regression testing easier with Machine Learning –

It’s safe to say that UI is a critical step in the development of any application. The way an app looks and feels has a massive impact on its reception among the target users.  That’s why development teams need to test the UI they build. But the task is hard… The post How to make…

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The complete guide to front-end development at Codete

Front-end development is one of the crucial stages of the website development process because it defines its user-facing side and influences to a great extent how customers will interact with it. Moreover, the front-end side of a website is usually one of the first touchpoints in customer-brand interactions. Therefore, there… The post The complete guide…

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