Month: August 2019

How Artificial Intelligence can help us solve social issues

Technology has helped societies all over the world to battle the most pressing issues and solve social problems. By promising faster technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) promises to provide answers to questions relating to the environment, security, and society that we are all exploring today. There’s no denying that AI… The post How Artificial Intelligence…

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What are the future trends in AI? 

If there’s one thing all the tech giants have in common today, it’s the race for the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Microsoft just invested $1 billion into OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research lab founded by Silicon Valley influencers such as Elon Musk, intending to build the ultimate AI technology:… The post What are the…

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Machine Learning Libraries Overview: Top 10 Libraries and Frameworks You Should Know

There are numerous libraries and frameworks used for building machine and deep learning models; about 50 of them are mature enough to be appreciated by developers. Are you wondering which one will be the most suitable for your project? This is a common concern, so we decided to create a… The post Machine Learning Libraries…

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