Month: February 2020

IT jobs at Codete – open positions in February 2020

If you happen to be looking for new career opportunities in IT, we’ve got great news for you! There are a few exciting open positions waiting for you at Codete, among others: Three.js Developer Senior Front-end Developer Senior Java Developer Senior DevOps Engineer Senior UX/UI Designer If none of the… The post IT jobs at…

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7 Key Payments Innovations in Fintech for 2020

Payments are one of the most exciting areas of technological innovation today and a strong technology fintech trend. Banks, card companies, and fintech startups are busy developing new technologies to address the rapid market changes and evolving consumer trends.  Governments are also implementing new regulations that reduce the threats of… The post 7 Key Payments…

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Everything you need to know about Smart Conversational Banking and Chatbots

A report from Gartner states that by 2021, 70% of businesses will employ chatbots to increase the productivity of their staff. By automating tasks and eliminating human employees from non-essential interactions, companies will improve their effectiveness and speed.  And the financial services sectors definitely stand to gain a lot from… The post Everything you need…

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